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Salt Lake City, Ut

Blogging with Bree

Healthy Living: Dinner Ideas

Ballet Blast

I love my rice cooker:). I love to cook my brown rice in my cooker and on the top of the cooker is a tray to steam veggies and Salmon.

Steaming is the healthiest option of cooking.  I love Costco's prepackaged frozen Salmon.  I use Cavendars seasoning to season my salmon.  If that is not enough flavor I use a little Yoshida's sauce from Costco.

 Go easy on the rolls or bread and replace it with mashed potatoes or rice.

Shabu Shabu is a great healthy meal.  Your boil your meat and veggies.  I love authentic food.  Open up your mind and try eating something new, you might surprise yourself.

Mexican food like tacos or fajitas are always a good option.


Lookout for salads, we always think it's the best option but it can be more calories than a hamburger and fries.