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Salt Lake City, Ut

Blogging with Bree

Bust out the running shoes ladies....

Ballet Blast



Now that the weather is getting nicer, I see more and more runners hitting the pavement. It got me thinking, I like to run, kinda, and I watched my sister Amy run the St. George Marathon last year.  It was so amazing to watch her cross the finish line after working so hard, for so long, to accomplish that amazing goal. I'm thinking maybe I could do a half marathon.  So Brianne and I are officially going to attempt a half marathon. 13.2 miles. *sigh*

We thought how fun if we got a huge group of girls, (or guys...) to train together and support each other in running a 5k or half.  A good training program takes about 12 weeks, and it just so happens that the Timpanogas half marathon is 11 weeks away!  We are just in time. We want anyone who has ever thought maybe, or someday, to come train with us.

We are going to start meeting this Thurs at Jazz'n Place and we will start running there. We will follow this training plan, We will start with 3 miles.  We havent' decided on a time yet, we want to make sure we get the best time for everyone that wants to give this a shot. So we will talk details at Ballet Blast on Wed.

Running will be a perfect cardio booster to add to our already kick butt classes from Brianne. This is for sure going to get us ready for swimsuit season in no time.  It always helps to have support from others and this is going to be awesome!!

We hope you will all push yourselves to do things you never thought you could. Our bodies are amazing and we are getting stronger each day.  We cant wait to try this new adventure with all of you!!