Bree Johnson has created Ballet Blast, making it a place to inspire women to love their bodies, while creating supportive friendships and a sense of community online. This aerobic class is quickly becoming the buzz around the Fitness community.

Ballet Blast is the premier barre workout. This is a class for anyone serious about sculpting their body, and for everyone looking to get results but can't find classes to attend that fit their schedule. This program is a perfect alternative to the gym. Bree incorporated her professional dance training and created an intense cardio workout using specific exercises that will transform your physique into that of a dancers; long and lean, without bulking.
Not only will you notice changes to your physique, but you'll learn more about dance, you'll enhance your mind and energy, and build long lasting friendships and connections.

Let us show you an alternative to going to the gym, which can be intimidating. We offer new and exciting streaming classes 5 days a week through Facebook Live. We keep it easy and bring your workout right into your home, giving you the option do workout live with us or later on demand.  We are focused on helping women find the strength from within, and encouraging them to learn to truly love themselves as well as their bodies.

Give us a try. We offer a one week full money back guarantee if you aren't in love with our classes. You'll be amazed at the motivation, the friendships, and the results.
transform and inspire
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     “I sweat more in a one hour class than I do running 50 miles in a sauna! Best workout you will ever do!”
— Megan Wicks
     “I have always loved to work out and have done many different type of classes and even personal training but none compare to Ballet Blast! I have never been so sore from a work out in my life, and I love it! I am excited to take a break from having babies and get back into this!!”
— Heather Wilson
     “I love Ballet blast!! You have fun and you get to work out at the same time!”
— Jill Johnson
     “Best workout ever!!! Oh and the BEST instructors ever!!!”
— Jana Flint
     “Such a great workout! The only workout I’ve ever enjoyed doing. The results that I’ve seen from this workout are what I’ve been looking for a long time. I love it!”
— Shayla Easton
     “Best workout for Toning and weight loss! Great way to start off 2013”
— Sanui Barowski
     “If anybody is looking for a fun workout this is seriously awesome!! The instructors are great and push you ... so much better than going to the boring gym!”
— Katelyn Torgerson
     “I LOVE ballet blast, it kicks my butt and works muscles I didn’t even know I had. It’s motivational, challenging, and I actually have fun while doing it. Favorite workout yet!”
— Tasha Hardman
     “I have been going to Ballet Blast for 1 1/2 years. It is the best overall workout for women’s hard to lose places I have ever done!! Besides toning - I love the core/ab workouts we do- they are killers!! Don’t let the name fool you- this is a great hard core workout - lots of fun with great instructors!”
— Chris Rotten
     “BEST WORKOUT EVER!!! I run and do some other things, but I never feel as good about the finished workout now that I have done ballet blast, because it just doesn’t compare. I love feeling sore and knowing that my hard work is paying off!”
— Carry Greer
     “Ballet Blast is unlike any other workout I have done. It pushes you and I have seen results very quickly. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone who likes a challenge!”
— Jamie Savage
“Ballet Blast is my new favorite workout. I have been going for about 4 months and love how fast pace the class is! It’s a tough but super fun way to exercise!”
— Mikelle Foster
     “I have been at this for a little less than a year off and on and I have watched the fat melt off my body. I am starting to see abs coming through and I am doing better at making healthy eating decisions, and becoming active in other areas of my life. This isn’t just a workout, it is a lifestyle change”
— Samantha Ray
     “I love Ballet Blast! I started going almost a year ago and I have noticed so much change in my body and my strength... for the first time I found a workout that gets rid of my love handles! I went from being 155lbs after delivering my baby down to 120lbs and in probably the best shape of my life. And now that I’m pregnant again I love that I can continue to come with just a few simple modifications :) So glad I found this workout!”
— Elizabeth Madsen