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Salt Lake City, Ut

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When: Attend live workouts every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at  7:30am  Pacific time via Facebook Live. (Workouts will be posted for all members who can't make it live.)

How do I subscribe: Join HERE!

How does it work:  Once you subscribe (via PayPal) and like our Ballet Blast Facebook page. You will be added to our closed Facebook group. You will have access to all of our live workouts at anytime. I will provide 3 live 40-60 minute classes a week. Attend live or watch them when it works for your schedule from any device. Once you have paid for your monthly membership, you will be able to log onto our closed "Ballet Blast live group" on our Ballet Blast Facebook page.

How much does it cost: We offer a 7 day FREE TRIAL to the group. You will be billed on the 7th day of your trial.  Our membership cost is $39 a month, you will be billed every 30 days. 

To subscribe to our live workouts, click the link below. 


How do I cancel my subscription: 30 days notice is required to cxl your monthly subscription.

This Live FB Ballet Blast group has changed me not only physically for the better, but emotionally as well. Bree is so positive and keeps things real and she makes you feel like you are special and that you can achieve your goals. And you know how she does that?? Because she TRULY believes it! It's so great being a part of something where the person running it is putting her whole heart and soul into it and you can feel it! All of the ladies in this group are so supportive and uplifting, it's contagious and we all help and encourage each other! I have a type of Muscular Dystrophy that causes me to lose strength, and in the past I have typically I avoided physical exercise out of inability and embarrassment. But since trying this workout and just doing what I can each time, I have gradually gained strength and been able to do so much more for and with my family!! I also have lost more than 20 pounds and am just shocked at all of these positive changes. I find myself looking forward to each live class; I sweat my face off and laugh out loud at some of the funny comments and I just can't get over the feeling of community that I get while doing this from my living room while my kids are napping. This has been a win/win/WIN scenario for me and I couldn't be more grateful to have found Ballet Blast Live!

-Crystal Evans

I have done ballet blast for almost 5 years off and on! And nothing challenges my body the way ballet blast does!! I love anything dance so when I found this I was hooked! I love how the better I get on form, the harder it is to do! When I had my second child, I lost 30lbs doing only ballet blast!! I now have had my 3rd child and I'm down 22lbs in just 3 months! It shapes my body like no other! It's such a fun way to get my cardio in! I can't even put into words how I really feel inside, it truly brings out my inner confidence, and now we have ballet blast live! The group is an amazing, safe community of women, who are so supportive and sweet! Plus I can do it from home whenever and wherever I want!! The videos are left up on the page, so I can pick which one I want on how I'm feeling that day! And Bree is an amazing leader, her energy is contagious, she has such amazing soul!

-Marcy Buck