Brianne Johnson created Ballet Blast, making it a place to inspire women to love their bodies, while creating supportive friendships and a sense of community. This aerobic class is quickly becoming the buzz around the fitness community.

Ballet Blast is the premier cardio barre workout that will make you burn more than you have ever burned before! We are bringing you live online/ on demand classes, or you can take classes at one of our locations. There is no dance experience required, although we will help you sculpt your way to a dancer’s body in no time.

Bree incorporated her professional dance training and created an intense cardio workout using specific exercises that will transform your physique into that of a dancers; long and lean, without bulking. Not only will you notice changes to your physique, but you'll learn more about your body, you'll enhance your mind and energy, and build long lasting friendships and connections.
We are more than just a workout we’re a sisterhood, we create connection through girls nights retreats and so much more. We want you to join us today!
transform and inspire
Copyright © 2010, Ballet Blast, LLC.  All rights reserved.
Copyright © 2010, Ballet Blast, LLC.  All rights reserved.